Marin theater

Located on Caledonia St in the heart of Sausalito, CA, the Marin Theater is to be transformed into a mixed-use venue and is proposed to include two movie theaters, a new restaurant, and second floor office space.  The original building was constructed as a two story, mixed use building around 1911.  Among the two floors, initially the Marin Auto Livery Co occupied the first floor and the Tamalpais Pavilion occupied the second floor. Before the conversion to a movie theater, the building housed several different businesses and activities - a parking garage, machine shop, dances and boxing matches, skating rink, and a boat building facility.

In 1942 the structure was converted into a single-screen theater with the entrance relocated to Pine St.  In 1992, the building was renovated into a three-screen multiplex movie theater with the entry restored to Caledonia St.  Throughout the years 101 Caledonia St. has experienced multiple, substantial remodels and with each remodel, interior programming, exterior and interior finishes, entry locations, parapet profiles, and architectural styles have changed.  The current proposal hopes to bring back to life the mixed-use programming that was once there, while continuing its legacy as a theater.


MASSING REDUCTION                                                                         SAUSALITO MARINSHIP DRY DOCKS                                             PROPOSED TIMBER SCREEN


The exterior renovation has been focused on three fronts:  to reduce the buildings bulk and mass, to provide vibrancy to Caledonia St. and to soften the scale of the building by introducing new exterior materials.   The parapet along the front and rear facades is proposed to be reduced to minimize the buildings mass and to open view corridors for the hillside residences above.  The placement of the restaurant and new storefront windows will bring new activity and add to the vibrancy of Caledonia St.  The new timber cladding and window screens replace the current, monolithic stucco and brings a material softness and warmth to the building.  Inspired by Sausalito's WWII efforts constructing cargo and tanker ships for the war, the timber screen re-imagines the timber scaffolds used to build the large ships at the north end of town.  Tightly spaced vertical members are proposed along solid portions of the building, while wider spaced members at the second floor windows allow for views and sun shading.


Indicative of its mixed-use past, the first floor of the building converts the existing three-screen movie theater into a two-screen theater that will allow for movies, events, and lectures, as well as including a new restaurant.  The glass introduced at the restaurant will allow for a diverse interaction with passers by, while softening the intersection of Caledonia St. and Pine St.  Office space is proposed to replace existing under-utilized second floor projection room and storage space. 


Marin Independent Journal: Sausalito Planning Board Approves Movie Theater Design, October 10, 2016